Golem - tokamak of CTU

Conferences with the GOLEM tokamak contribution

1EPS/37th Dublin 2010
2SOFT/26th Porto 2010
3EPS/38th Strasbourg 2011
4EPS/39th Stockholm 2012/Overview
5EPS/39th Stockholm 2012/HTS
6HTPD/19th Monterey 2012
7SOFT/27th Liege 2012/HTS
8SOFT/27th Liege 2012/IronCoreModel
9EPS/40th Espoo 2013
10EPS/41st Berlin 2014
11SOFT/28th SanSebastian 2014/Stabilization
12SOFT/28th SanSebastian 2014/IronCoreModel
13EPS/42nd Lisbon 2015
14EPS/43rd Leuven 2016
15EPS/44th Belfast 2017