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Electron temperature

Total radiated power in UV,VIS,NIR range

Impurities relative concentration

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File name



ida:ida_ions_projections (txt) IDA_ions_projections a.u. Ions radiation projections from IDA
spectrometr:data (txt) spectra.txt_Data_.txt None Spectral resolved radiation
spectrometr:energy_coefficients (txt) energy_constants a.u. constant to recalculation of the ion intensity to the power
spectrometr:impurities_concentration (txt,xls,img,...) density relative concentration Plasma impurities concentration
spectrometr:mean_radiation_power (txt) meanPower Power [W] Mean radiated power
spectrometr:mean_temperature (txt) temperature T [eV] Mean estimated temperature
spectrometr:projections (txt,xls,img,...) projection relative intensity [-] Ion radiation projection to spectra
spectrometr:projections_basis (txt) components relative intensity [-] Ion projection basis
spectrometr:resid_spectra (txt,xls,img,...) residual_spectra intensity [a.u.] Total residual spectra
spectrometr:temperature (txt,xls,img,...) temperature T_e [eV] Electron temperature
spectrometr:total_radiated_power (txt,xls,img,...) TotalPower Power [a.u.] Total radiated power in range 200-1200 nm