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Tokamak GOLEM - Shot Database - 33985

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The date of discharge execution20-10-27 10:57:07 [Shot logbook]
The session missionSandBox --> SW development
The session ID33984
The discharge commentPlasma discharge
Discharge command./Dirigent.sh --discharge --UBt 800 --TBt 1000 --Ucd 450 --Tcd 2000 --preionization 1 --gas H --pressure 10 --Bt_orientation CW --CD_orientation CW --vacuum_shot 33980 --comment "Plasma discharge"

    Technological parameters:

    Plasma parameters:

  • Discharge duration: \(\tau\sub{p}\)=6,15 ms
  • Loop voltage:\(\overline{U\sub{loop}}\)\(\)=9,40 V; \(\maximum{{\tau \in [discharge]}U\sub{loop}}\)=15,95 V
  • Toroidal magnetic field: \(\overline{B\sub{t}}\)=0,16 T; \(\max_{\tau \in [discharge]}B\sub{t}\)=0,23 T
  • Plasma current: \(\overline{I\sub{p}}\)=1,18 kA; \(\max_{\tau \in [discharge]}I\sub{p}\)=1,48 kA

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