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Tokamak GOLEM - Shot Database - #39130

The date of discharge execution22-05-13 14:01:14 [Shot logbook]
The session missionMinimalistic --> Dirigent service
The session ID39128
The discharge commentPlasma for VSCHT Fyzika plazmatu
Discharge command./Dirigent.sh --discharge --UBt 800 --TBt 1000 --Ucd 450 --Tcd 2000 --preionization 1 --gas H --pressure 10 --Bt_orientation CW --CD_orientation CW --comment "Plasma for VSCHT Fyzika plazmatu"

     Technological parameters


    Plasma parameters:

Basic Diagnostics    

On stage diagnostics

Data flowmeasurement →digitization →analysis →
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NameAnalysis results


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