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Tokamak GOLEM for fusion education


Tokamak GOLEM is ready to serve as a in-situ or remote educational tool for various presentations, lectures and training courses in the field of physics and technology of tokamaks. Students can operate the tokamak via web interface:

and instantly can access the results via shot homepage:

Tokamak GOLEM

Main parameters:

  • Vessel major radius \(R_0=0.4\) m Vessel minor radius r0=0.1 m Plasma radius (vessel limiter radius) ra=0.085 m Toroidal magnetic field Bt<0.5 T Plasma current Ip<8 kA Length of the discharge τ<20 ms Central electron density ne(0)≈0.5−3×1019 m−3 Central electron temperature Te(0)≈100−300 eV Edge electron density ne(a)≈1×1018 m−3 Edge electron temperature Te(a)≈10−40 eV Liner material: Bellows Stainless Steel, Limiter material: Molybdenum. Diagnostic Ports: 6x3

Experimental setup:

## Examples

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Vojtech Svoboda