Electron density measurement via a microwave interferometer

# Abstract The purpose of this task is to measure line-averaged electron density for various discharge setups via a microwave interferometer and correlate the measured density with data reported by other diagnostics.

# Goals ## Primary goals - obtain an understanding of the function of the microwave interferometer - investigate different line-averaged density profiles with various discharge parameters

## Secondary goals - correlate measured density with density profiles measured by Langmuir probes - correlate measured density with runaway electrons via HXR measurements

# Resources - [poster and proceeding](http://golem.fjfi.cvut.cz/wiki/Presentations/11KSCFZilina/Grover/) from the 17. Conference of Slovak and Czech Physicist in Zilina - [source code](http://golem.fjfi.cvut.cz/shots/11798/diagnostics/Microwaves/0712Interferometer.ON/main.py) of the current data analysis algorithm

# Contacts - supervisor: Ondrej Grover ([ondrej.grover@gmail.com](mailto:ondrej.grover@gmail.com))