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author: Ing. Kateřina Hromasová
title: History of probe measurements on GOLEM

GOLEM has a long history of probe measurements, since its low-temperature plasmas are ideal for testing and using all kinds of probes. These are fragmented records of the past, present and future probe experiments.

# Probe experimentalists

The people who have performed probe measurements on GOLEM include:

- **Jiří Adámek** (researcher at the Institute of Plasma Physics, Czech Academy of Sciences). The inventor of the ball-pen probe, Jirka performs mainly experiments with the [combined BPP+LP probe head](/Diagnostics/ParticleFlux/BallPenProbe/index). His special interest is the $I-V$ characteristic of the ball-pen probe.

- **Jan Stöckel** (senior researcher at the Institute of Plasma Physics, Czech Academy of Sciences). The godfather of probe measurements on GOLEM, CASTOR and COMPASS alike, Honza supports younger researchers and supervises their experiments. His love is the [(double) tunnel probe](/Diagnostics/ParticleFlux/TunnelProbe/index), which he helped construct back in the day with Jamie Gunn.

- **Petr Mácha** (PhD student at FNSPE, CTU). Petr wrote his [Bachelor's](/Library/GOLEM/BachThesis/18MachaPetr.pdf) and [Master's thesis](/Library/GOLEM/MastThesis/20MachaPetr.pdf) on GOLEM, which is an impressive feat. He focuses on the measurements of the electron temperature using a swept Langmuir probe and using the BPP+LP method.

- **Filip Papoušek** (Master's student at FNSPE, CTU). Filip's [Bachelor's thesis]( concerned the electric fields in the edge plasma as measured on GOLEM and COMPASS.

- **Daniela Kropáčková** (Bachelor's student at FNSPE, CTU). Daniela 
- **Daniela Kropáčková** (Bachelor's student at FNSPE, CTU). Daniela wrote a [SOČ](/Library/GOLEM/SOCky/20Kropackova_Stabilizace.pdf) (high-school level research work) about Mach number measurements in the GOLEM edge plasma and continues to work on the plasma column position calculation and plasma stabilisation.

- **Kateřina Hromasová** (PhD student at FNSPE, CTU). Kateřina performed [measurements of the edge plasma turbulence](/TrainingCourses/FTTF/2015-2016/KatJira/index) with the [double rake probe](/Diagnostics/ParticleFlux/DoubleRakeProbe/index). 

- **Martina Lauerová** (high-school student).