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# Tokamak GOLEM for fusion education

## Introduction
Tokamak GOLEM is ready to serve as an in-situ or a remote educational tool for various presentations, lectures and training courses in the field of physics and technology of tokamaks. Students can operate the tokamak via web interface:


and instantly can access the results via shot homepage:


## Tokamak GOLEM
### Main parameters:
* Vessel major radius $R_0=0.4$ m
* Vessel minor radius $r_0=0.1$ m
* Toroidal magnetic field $B_t<0.5$ T
* Plasma current $I_p<8$ kA
* Length of the discharge $τ<20$ ms
* Central electron density $n_e(0)≈0.5−3×10^{19} m^{−3}$
* Central electron temperature $T_e(0)≈100−300$ eV

### Experimental setup:

### Basic experimental menu
* Basic tokamak operation and measurements
* Breakdown Studies
* Magnetic Measurements
* Probe Measurements
* Izotopic studies
* Plasma MHD Activity Observations via Magnetic Diagnostics
* Plasma Position Monitoring and Controlling
* Spectroscopy Studies
* Vessel Conditioning

## Examples

* [In-situ training course SUMTRAIC 2012](
* [Remote laboratory practice HUNTRAIC, Hungary](
    * [Proposal.](/TrainingCourses/HUNTRAIC/10/GOLEM_proposal_final.pdf)
    * [Instructions.](/TrainingCourses/HUNTRAIC/10/GOLEM_instructions.pdf)
    * [Final logbook.](/TrainingCourses/HUNTRAIC/10/Logbook.pdf)
* [Remote demo for  Joint European Research Doctorate In Fusion Science And Engineering And European Doctoral Network in Padova, Italy](    
* [Tokamak GOLEM for 6th International Workshop & Summer School on Plasma Physics 30 June – 6 July](
* [The whole list of in-situ/remote events at the tokamak GOLEM]( Courses)
* [ITER newsline - Students command 100 plasma pulses, remotely](

## Quotations

* <blockquote><i>Dear GOLEM team, let me congratulate you to the first plasma in GOLEM achieved in the frame of the
Summer Training Course 2009. This success is a result of your enormous effort to put the GOLEM tokamak
in operation during the period of about one year. I can confirm that the participants (students
and supervisors) found the experiments performed yesterday extreemly interesting and enjoyed them very
much.</i><p align="right">On behalf of the old CASTOR and new COMPASS team, Jan Stockel</p></blockquote>
* <blockquote><i>First of all, we would like to express our gratitude for this remarkable opportunity.
To perform a remote measurement on a tokamak, and to be part of such an international operation for
the first time in our life, is way beyond our earlier expectations as physics students.
We wish you luck for the future, and lots of plasma :) </i>
<p align="right">Andras Karman, Gergely Klujber, Mate Ferenczy and Peter Nemetvarga (BME Hungary)</p>
* <blockquote><i>Thanks for the operation! The lab exercise went perfectly well, and the students were really enjoying it. </i><p
align="right">Gergo Pokol (superisor and teacher at HUNTRAIC)</p></blockquote>
* <blockquote><i>I just wanted to thank you for coming in Cadarache to introduce us to the
amazing work youve done with the GOLEM tokamak. It is fascinating to
be able to work on such a device, and were really enjoying the
possibility to make our very first discharges .. From all of us, thank you again.</i><p
align="right">FUMTRAIC 2012 participants </p></blockquote>

[The chronicle of all educational activities performed at the tokamak GOLEM from 2009 up to now](

## References
* [Dr. Gergo Pokol for HUNTRAIC (Training course for Budapest University of Technology and Economics)](/Production/Contacts/GP)
* [Dr. Remy Guirlet for FUMTRAIC (Training course for France Master students)](/Production/Contacts/RG)
* [Dr. Jan Stockel for a lot of educational activities at the tokamak GOLEM (Institute of plasma physics, Czech Academy of Sciences)](/Production/Contacts/HS)

## Useful materials
* [The GOLEM Bibliography](
* [FUSENET (Fusion E	ducation network) final report](/ShowRooms/AnnualReports/FUSENET/09-13GOLEM4Fusenet.pdf)

## Production issues
* Contact: [Vojtech Svoboda](PhotoGallery/Staff/VoSv/index)
* Fee: a postcard sent from the town of remote measuremet to the GOLEM address: Brehova 7, 115 19, Prague 1, Czech republic	
* [Common issues: virtual model & GOLEM tours & data handling & production](/TrainingCourses/commons)