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Possible topics: # from EPS
* Tomography (Sara A. & Jakub Ch.)
* Magnetic field reconstruction (Matyas P. & Petr M.)
* The first part of the tGOLEM  documentation project: Vacuum (Martina L.)
* Timepix detector (Stepan M.)
* Strip detector (Marek T.)
* Interferometer (Lukas L.)
* RE strategy coordination (Lukas L.)
* Characterization of scintillation detectors at GOLEM tokamak for runaway electron studies (Jakub V. & Jarda Č.)
* ECE radiometer (Vladislav I.)
* MHD activity ( Bauyrzhan Aidanuly & Jana B. )
* Radiation generation and transport with FLUKE and Geant4 numerical models (Jarda Č. & Marek T.)
* Plasma edge transport studies with DRP (Filip P.)
* Plasma position stabilization (Daniela K. & Martin H.)
* Plasma current stabilization (Honza B.)