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<font color="red" size="3"><i>Do you want to OPERATE a real tokamak?

Do you want to EXPERIENCE fusion research?

Do you want to PLAN, PERFORM and EVALUATE your own "high level" experiment?</i></font>

if so,

<font color="blue" size="5"><b>Welcome at GOMTRAIC</b></font>

Remote Plasma physics course oriented on
experimental tokamak physics and control.

[GOMTRAIC promotional flyer ](/TrainingCourses/GOMTRAIC/13/gomtraic.pdf)



## On Air
### Monday morning
* For remote paticipants: join us via [google+ hangouts system]( The address is [Link to presentation](stuff/Intro4Remotes.pdf), [Link to presentation (short version)](
* [Tokamak room IP camera](
* [Chamber IP camera](

### Warm Up
* Warm up control room is at [the address](
* Warm up session log is at [the address](

## Log book
* Monday:
    * [Introductory session for Indian remote participant](
    * [Introductory session for in situ participants and Mexico remote participants](
    * [Introductory session for Costa Rica remote participants](
* Tuesday: 
    * [Rake probe, Tomography, MHD studies - session I](
    * [Rake probe, Tomography, MHD studies - session II](

## Basic information
* GOMTRAIC is an abbreviation for the **GO**lem re**M**ote **TRAI**ning **C**ourse.
* GOMTRAIC is a course oriented on basic understanding of experimental tokamak physics and control.
* The basis of GOMTRAIC is the remote operation of the GOLEM tokamak, which is operated at the Czech Technical University, Faculty of Nuclear Scinces and Physical Engineering in Prague.
* GOMTRAIC is organized for undergraduate and postgraduate students interested in experimental tokamak physics.
* Two kinds of participants can (still) apply:
    * in situ during kick-off week and remote in the following remote part
    * remote during kick-off week and remote in the following remote part

## Project outline
* GOMTRAIC 2013 starts on April 4th by a warm-up day (remotely). The participants will have the opportunity to get in touch with the organizers.
* During the kick-off week (on site, in Prague), students will be given presentations on the tokamak, data acquisition systems, basics of programming data access and basics of tokamak operation 
and will begin to execute real measurements on the tokamak related to the 5 tasks (see below).
* During the following month students will collect data in on-line sessions.
* The last week is meant for concluding results and preparation of report/publication.

## Calendar

* 4.4. 2013 - warm-up day (remotely)
* 8.4. - 12.4. 2013 - kick-off week in Prague
* 15.4. - 10.5. 2013 - remote participation
* 13.5. - 17.5. 2013 - report preparation and presentation

## Programme

### Starter
All participant are welcome to use our [virtual simulator]( - unlimited number of shots can be triggered. A very useful tool before actual operating our tokamak.

### Warm-up day: 4.4. 2013
The warm-up day is organized in order to get in touch. The students can contact us on skype in between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. - the login is tokamak.golem . Those who are interested can perform first shots via remote access. The instructions for the remote control are [here](/Tokamak/RemoteControl/index). 
Control room is [here](

### Kick-off week: 8.4. - 12.4. 2013 (Prague times)
* Monday: 
    * 10 a.m. Welcoming address and introductory lecture about tokamak GOLEM for remote participants (via skype)
    *  1 p.m. Welcoming address and introductory lecture about tokamak GOLEM for in-situ participants (live)
    *  4 p.m. Golem data processing course (for all participants)
    *  6 p.m. Welcome party (for in-situ participants)
(from now all activities common for remote and in-situ participants as well)
* Tuesday
    *  9 a.m. Virtual operation of the tokamak GOLEM [here](
    * 11 a.m. Introduction to real operation of tokamak GOLEM
    *  1 p.m. Lunch
    *  2 p.m. Performing given tasks
* Wednesday
    * whole day: Data analysis, performing tasks
    * evening: Social programme (in-situ participants)
* Thursday
    * whole day: Data analysis, performing tasks, preparing reports and presentations
* Friday
    * 9 a.m. Presentations
    * 1 p.m. End of the kick-off week

### Next weeks
* remote operation of the tokamak GOLEM, continuing experiments

## List of tasks

* [Basic tokamak measurements](/Education/ExperimentMenu/BasicTokamakMeasurements/Instructions/BUTEUniversityBudapestHungary/GOLEM_instructions.pdf)
     * Control rooms:
          * [CostaRica group](

* [Plasma MHD Activity Observations via Magnetic Diagnostics](/TrainingCourses/GOMTRAIC/13/index/GOMTRAIC13_magnetic)
     * Control rooms:
          * [FreOst](
          * [DanHer](
          * [MauRod](

    * [Kick-off presentation](MHD/PresentationKickOff.pptx)
    * Library
           * [Tomas Markovic: Plasma MHD Activity Observations via Magnetic Diagnostics](
           * [Tomas Markovic: Plasma MHD Activity Observations via Magnetic Diagnostics (Application of statistical methods)](

* [Electrostatic probes](/TrainingCourses/GOMTRAIC/13/index/GOMTRAIC13_probe)
     * Control rooms:
          * [MarMar](
          * [MigGom](

    * [Kick-off presentation](Probes/PresentationKickOff/GOMTRAIC_Presentation_Final.pdf)
    * Reports:
          * [Miguel](
          * [Marco](

* [Generation of runaway electrons in different discharge regimes and their registration by 
means of HXR radiation](/TrainingCourses/GOMTRAIC/13/index/GOMTRAIC13_Xrays)
     * Control rooms:
          * [LukMat](
          * [PraDh](

* [Breakdown studies](/Education/ExperimentMenu/BreakdownStudies/Breakdownstudies) 

* [Tokamak plasma tomography]( (for those interested more or less in programming)   
     * Control rooms:
          * [OmEul](
          * [FabMar](

     * [Kick-off presentation](Tomography/presentation/presentation%20v3.pdf), [tomographic reconstuction](Tomography/figures/plasma2.gif)

* [Electron density measurement via a microwave interferometer](Interferometry/index)

## Tokamak GOLEM

* [GOLEM homepage](
* [GOLEM Wiki](/Tokamak/)
* [Remote control](/Tokamak/RemoteControl/index)
* Virtual Model: <a href="">Tokamak room in vrml 3D code</a>. <a href="">VRML plugin need to be installed</a> (<a href="">Cortona viewer is recomended</a>).
* [GOLEM operation simulator](/Tokamak/Simulator/index)
* [Golem tour](/Education/DocumentationCollection/GolemTour/present.pdf)
* [Golem data access](/SW/DataProcessing)

## Capacity and funding

* GOMTRAIC is designed for 20 (European) students, mainly outside of the Czech republic.
* There is no fee associated with this event (thanks to the [FUSENET]( funding).
* GOMTRAIC provides accommodation during the kick-off week at the student dormitory "Masarykova kolej", fully covered by the organizers (thanks to the [FUSENET]( funding).
* There is no support for the travelling and per diem costs by the organizers for the kick-off week (students can try to apply at the [FUSENET website](

## Application

To apply for the event students should write an email to [Dr. Jana Brotankova]( The email should include:

* basic info: applicant name, address, affiliation, email,
* applicant motivation to attend this event (it can help in the case of the excess demand for the event),
* a recommendation letter from his/her tutor/teacher from the plasma physics field of study,
* task preference.

~~Deadline for the application for the event is March 24th.~~
Since the course is not fully occupied, the application for the event is extended to April, the 6th. But we need a prompt 
notification about participating in the course to arrange (free) accommodation in Prague.

## The GOMTRAIC team

* The off-line and in-situ sessions will be supervised by the scientific committee:
    * Dr. Jan Stockel (IPP CAS, Czech Republic)
    * Dr. Frantisek Zacek (IPP CAS, Czech Republic)
    * Dr. Jana Brotankova (FNSPE CTU, Czech Republic)
    * Dr. Jan Mlynar (IPP CAS, Czech Republic)
* Task supervisors
    * Michal Odstrčil
    * Tomáš Odstrčil
    * Tomáš Markovič
    * Daniel Réfy
    * Jana Brotánková
    * Tereza Růžičková
    * Jan Stockel
    * Ondřej Grover
    * Jindřich Kocman
* Tokamak operators:
    * Dr. Vojtech Svoboda (FNSPE CTU, Czech republic)
    * Ondrej Grover (FNSPE CTU, Czech republic)
* Production
    * Dr. Jana Brotankova (FNSPE CTU, Czech Republic )
    * Dr. Vojtech Svoboda (FNSPE CTU, Czech Republic)

## References

* J. Brotankova. Study of high temperature plasma in tokamak-like experimental devices. Dissertation Theses 2009. (online [](

* V. Svoboda, J. Mlynar, G. Pokol, D. Refy, J. Stockel, and G. Vondrasek. Former ar e o as Tokamak CASTOR becomes remotely controllable GOLEM at the Czech Technical University in Prague . In Europhysics Conference Abstracts. 37th EPS Conference on Plasma Physics, volume 34A, 2010 (online: []( ).
ITER news. Launch of the world’s first global tokamak experiment., 2010. 

* E. Bromova, I. Duran, O. Grover, J. Kocman, T. Markovic, M. Odstrcil, T. Odstrcil, O. Pluhar, J. Stockel, V. Svoboda, A. Sindlery, G. Vondrasek, and J. Zara. The GOLEM Tokamak for Fusion Education . In Europhysics Conference Abstracts. 38th EPS Conference on Plasma Physics, volume 35G, 2011 (online: []( ). 

* Svoboda, V., Duran, I., Grover, O., Gryaznevich, M., Kocman, J., Kovarik, K., Markovic, T., Odstrcil, M., Odstrcil, T., Stockel, J. Recent results from GOLEM tokamak. 'Indeed, you can teach an old dog some new tricks.' In Europhysics Conference Abstracts. 39th EPS Conference on Plasma Physics and 16th International Congress on Plasma Physics Stockholm (online:[](, volume 36F, 2012. 

* V. Svoboda, B. Huang, J. Mlynar, G.I. Pokol, J. Stockel, and G Vondrasek. Multi-mode Remote Participation on the GOLEM Tokamak. Fusion Engineering and Design, 86(6-8):1310–1314, 2011 (online [](

## Contact

* production: Dr. Jana Brotankova
* supervision: Dr. Vojtech Svoboda
* Brehova 7, 115 19 Prague 1, Czech Republic
* Tel: 224 358 296
* Fax: 222 320 861
* Mail:
* Web:

## Venue

Venue of the meeting, the hostel as well as some basic info about how to get there and move around is [here](

## Acknowledgement

The financial and other kind of support from various institutions is acknowledged:

* The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports  (projects: MSM 6840770039 and A1581)
* Fusenet | The European Fusion Education Network
* Dept. of physics, Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering
* Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering
* Czech Technical University in Prague
* Institute of Plasma Physics, Academy of Sciences, Czech republic
* The authors express their appreciation of help from National Instruments and Pfeiffer Vacuum for their valuable contribution to the project
* Special thanks to Gabriel Vondrášek, senior GOLEM technician

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