Golem - tokamak of CTU

The GOLEM news

January: Demonstration for Graduate School Event @ Eindhoven

February: Training course for the 3rd plasma nuclear fusion training course @ Bangkok, Thailand

Dear GOLEM team, I would like to sincerely thank you very much for all your training and your facilities to us in the 3rd Plasma Nuclear Fusion Training course @ Bangkok, Thailand. Best regards,Yutthana Tirawanichakul, Prince of Songkla University, Hatyai

February: FUSENET General Assembly in Prague

February: Article in MF Dnes (cz)

March: Training course for Erasmus Mundus European Master

April: Hot Shots #3

May: Science week for high school students

July: Invited lectures for the Pakistan National Fusion Programme

August: Training course for the 17th TCN @ Bily Potok, Czech Rep.

Greetings postcard from participants

September: New photo of the GOLEM tokamak with plasma

September: The GOLEM tokamak in the Lidove noviny newspapers (with the FNSPE dean prof. Jex)

September: prof. Barish (Nobel Prize winner 2017) and tokamak GOLEM

Historical photo from 2011. From left to the right: prof. Barish, prof. Brau and doc. Petracek

October: The first GOLEM demonstration to the Australia. Armidale university

Participants (operating the GOLEM tokamak remotely)

October: The night of scientists IV @ GOLEM

November: Video "mapping"