Welcome to Flask app for live GOLEM signals plotting

Data plotting

  1. Click on Select data.
  2. Select discharge number or range of discharges or session name or session ID.
  3. Select signals to prepare for download and plot.
  4. Click plot PLOT (AND DOWNLOAD) button.
  5. Plot appears.
  6. Now press CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD DATA to download data or Select new data to select new signals.
Note: it is possible to download data from one discharge only.

Manipulator control

  1. Click on manipulators tab.
  2. It is necesary, due to safety reassons, to log in.
  3. Choose the direction you want to move with probe (radial, angular).
  4. Select the shift either using buttons or by using custom shift.
  5. The motion of the probe will start.
  6. Press home button to make the probe move into homing position.
Note: Do not use F5 to refresh site, otherwise, the previous command will be submited.