1. Introduction
  2. Working gas
  3. Preionization
  4. Magnetic field
  5. Electric field
  6. Submit

This web interface will walk you through the process of configuring a discharge in the GOLEM tokamak. All settable values are perfectly safe. Proceed through each step by setting the desired values and then clicking the Next button. You can always go to a specific step by clicking its tab.

Experiment schematic for Introduction

Set the pressure and type of the working gas from which the plasma is formed. Pressure must be high enough for plasma to form, but low enough for gas breakdown to occur.

Experiment schematic for Working gas

The neutral working gas must be first ionized in order to break down into a plasma.Using the electron gun will locally ionize the gas. Without any ionization, no plasma can form.

Experiment schematic for Preionization
Ionization method

Set the voltage on the capacitors to be discharged into the toroidal field coils. The higher the voltage, the larger the magnetic field confining the plasma.

Experiment schematic for Magnetic field

Set the voltage on the capacitors to be discharged into the primary transformer winding. The higher the voltage, the larger the electric field creating and heating the plasma.The electric field capacitors are discharged after a configurable delay with respect to the magnetic field capacitors.

Experiment schematic for Electric field

Write a comment describing your discharge configuration, i.e. the scientific aim of your experiment. Or just leave a friendly message. You can optionally also supply additional (control command line) parameters.

Click the Submit button to send your configuration into the queue.