Remote operation of the GOLEM tokamak for ASPNF 2018

An example of a real remote tokamak operation educational event with the following set-up:

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The program of the ASEAN school

Kick off

Tutor Remy Guirlet (CEA Cadarache) introducing remote operation

The event page

In action

Students requesting discharges via the GOLEM tokamak remote control web-based interface (see their laptops) under supervision of their tutors

The GOLEM tokamak

North and South side views

The Tutors

The essential contribution

Whiteboards after the activity

The record of hard work

Preparing reports

... far into the night


Students presenting their achievements

The fee for the remote educational session

... is to send us a postcard from the venue of the remote GOLEM tokamak operation

Sincere thanks to all the contributors and participants.