Golem - tokamak of CTU

… somewhere, in the ancient cellars of Prague, there is hidden indeed „infernal“ power. Yet it is the very power of celestial stars themselves. Calmly dormant, awaiting mankind to discover the magic key, to use this power for their benefit…
The tokamak Golem
Tokamak room live camera (Login:Tokamak,Password:Golem) or Actual photo
-- Lighting needs to be switched on beforehand--
Tokamak chamber live camera (Login:Tokamak,Password:Golem) or Actual photo
-- Lighting needs to be switched on beforehand--
HOT NEWS: The GOLEM tokamak in Prague is organising GOMTRAIC, the GOlem reMote TRAIning Course. In three months, the participants will learn how to operate and diagnose this small tokamak machine without leaving their nests. For details see http://gomtraic.fjfi.cvut.cz.

Fusion Research

„There can be no doubt that our descendants will learn to exploit the energy of fusion for peaceful purposes even before its use becomes necessary for the preservation of human civilization.“
        Lev Andreevich Artsimovich

As one observes increasing demands of humankind for energy, importance of seeking new energetical resources becomes more and more evident. Possibility of control of energy released by fusion of nuclei seems to be very intriguing, as among its advantages are high availability of fuel, virtually no risk of pollution and no danger of fuel deposits depletion. Mass-scale and localized energy production, necessary for existence of larger agglomerations, would be possible as well. Since fusion energy undoubtedly has potential of becoming vital part in energetics of mid-near future, colossal research efforts (among many other - ITER collaboration between EU, Japan, China, USA, Russia, India and Southern Korea) are underway worldwide in order to obtain key to control this inexhaustible source of energy. Since European fusion research is currently one of the most (if not 'the' most) advanced among all, a high demand for fusion scientists and technicians is evident almost all over the old continent. FNSPE, as a faculty with its exceptional background in nuclear research (such as collaboration with CERN and Fermilab among many others), reacted to this demand by opening a Physics and Technology of Thermonuclear Fusion curriculum. Since fusion energetics industry is currently in a stage of research, students are provided with both vast theoretical knowledge and experimental experience, essential for this field of study. For this purposes, FNSPE operates a tokamak of its own – tokamak GOLEM.

Tokamak GOLEM

Tokamak GOLEM is a small-class tokamak of circular cross-section, which can be remotely operated via Internet access. The device itself is a modification of CASTOR tokamak, which was previously operated on IPP CAS. As IPP CAS (situated in Prague as well) obtained tokamak COMPASS from Culham research facility via EURATOM collaboration, tokamak CASTOR was sent to FNSPE (however, this transaction is just a small example of vast collaborative network between faculty and Czech Academy of Sciences). Soon afterwards, the device was renamed to GOLEM and became one of FNSPE educational reactors. Even though tokamak GOLEM is not fully operational yet, as its modifications are still underway, it already serves its educational purposes, since students participate in its re-operation as well. CTU thus became one of few universities in the world, which operate both fission and fusion reactor.

Relation to the legend of Golem

Building, where tokamak is located, is situated in the Old Town part of Prague, place subjected to many legends. One of them describes a creation of Golem. This Golem is said to have possessed inherent power not to be matched by anything known in its era. Legend however states that Golem proved to be hard to control and became threat not only to other people (which, sadly, was its initial purpose), but also to its own creator. This legend became subject of interest to many writers and directors. Some of their works show Golem to have been controlled in the end, with its power used for beneficial purposes. Golem is thus symbol of unparalleled power which is hard to control, although if approached correctly, could be harnessed for benefit of mankind. Many obvious parallels to energy of fusion and the fact that Rabi Loew, who is said to be the creator of Golem, is buried virtually right next to the location of the tokamak, have led to the idea to name the device as GOLEM.

The Golem

Contents of the Website

This whole website is dedicated to this exceptional educational device. Besides actualities concerning tokamak itself, a (more or less) complete technical documentation of the device is provided, along with interactive engineering scheme and photo-documentation gallery of the tokamak. Another vital part of this website is a complete database of conference papers and publications concerning this tokamak, along with presentations and works of students. Moreover, this site provides a gateway to database of experiments, which were conducted on this tokamak since its installation on FNSPE. Information concerning excursions to this device are provided as well (in Czech language).


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