Golem - tokamak of CTU

Tokamak GOLEM - Characteristics

Main Characteristics of the Device

Name of Device: GOLEM
Type of Device: Conventional Tokamak
Vacuum Vessel Shape: Toroidal
Cross-Section: Circular
Layers of Chamber: 2

It should be noted that this particular device has an exceptional history. More information here.

Principle of operation of conventional tokamak is provided here.

Central Toroid (Liner)

Major Radius: 0.4 m
Minor Radius: 0.1 m
Limiter Radius: 0.085 m
Material: Bellows Stainless Steel
Conducting in Toroidal Dir.: Yes
Diagnostic Ports: 6x3

More information concerning liner here.

Outer Coating

Major Radius: 0.4 m
Minor Radius: 0.115 m
Material: Copper
Conducting in Toroidal Dir.: No
Thickness: 10 mm

Parameters of Operation

Algoritmy na vypocet daj ako hzpertextove odkazy na nazvy parametrov<-->
Toroidal Magnetic Field: < 0.8 T
Plasma Current: < 8 kA
Discharge Duration: 13 ms
Central Electron Temperature: 80 eV
Safety Factor at Plasma Edge: 15
Background Pressure of Vacuum: 10 - 200 mPa
Work Gas: H2
Liner Resistivity: 5 mΩ

Engineering Scheme

Principal Systems of Device

Description of fundamental principle of conventional tokamak operation is provided here.

The main systems of tokamak operation are listed below:

Popisy systemov daj ako odkazy na nazvy poloziek zoznamu<-->
  1. Toroidal Magnetic Field Generation System
  2. Plasma Breakdown System
  3. Plasma Current Drive System
  4. Equilibrium Magnetic Field Generation System
  5. Vacuum System
  6. Gas Handling System

Diagnostics Systems

Scheme of Currently Implemented Diagnostics and Data Acquisition Systems

All the currently implemented diagnostics systems can be found in the list below. For more information concerning individual systems, click on respective item of the list.

Plasma Diagnostics

  1. Rogowski Coil
  2. Flux Loop
  3. Mirnov Coils
  4. Coil of Toroidal Field Measurement
  5. Saddle Coil
  6. Photocell

Data Acquisition Systems

  1. DAS 1
  2. DAS 2 provided by

Additional Diagnostics

  1. Small Rogowski Coil

Experimental Data

The whole archive of all the experimental data is here.

A sample of experimental data can be seen below in form of comparison between two shots:

  1. Shot No. 400 (Green) - Vacuum Shot
  2. Shot No. 399 (Red) - Plasma Shot