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electron_confinement_t98 (N/A s) t_98 Time [s] Tau 98 extrapolation of confinement time
electron_confinement_time (txt) ElectronConfinementTimeFirstApprox Time [s] First approximation of electron confinement time
electron_density(txt,xls,img,...) electron_density [m^-3] Electron density
electron_density_equilibrium (txt) StateEqElectronDensity Particle density [m^-3] Approximation of electron density through equilibrium state
electron_density_mean (N/A m^-3) electron_density_mean [m^-3] Mean line electron density
electron_temperature (txt,xls,img,...) ElectronTemp Temperature [eV] Electron temperature
electron_temperature_max (txt) ElectronTempMax Temperature [eV] Electron temperature max (filtered)
greenwald_density (txt,xls,img,...) GreenwaldDensity Density [-] Greenwald density
input_power_chamber(txt,xls,img,...) PowerChamber Power [W] Ohmic power converted to chamber
input_power_magnetic(txt,xls,img,...) PowerMagnetic Power [W] Ohmic power converted to magnetic power
input_power_plasma(txt,xls,img,...) PowerPlasma Power [W] Ohmic power converted to plasma
input_power_total(txt,xls,img,...) PowerTotal Power [W] Total ohmic heating power
safety_factor (txt,xls,img,...) Qedge Q [-] Safety factor
spectrometr:temperature (txt,xls,img,...) temperature T_e [eV] Electron temperature
spectrometr:total_radiated_power (txt,xls,img,...) TotalPower Power [a.u.] Total radiated power in range 200-1200 nm
temperature_mean (txt) ElectronTemperatureMean Temperature [eV] Electron temperature
total_magnetic_flux(txt,xls,img,...) TotalMagneticFlux Flux [Vs] Total magnetic flux