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# Linux command line operated 

shot_no=33993;ylabel='U_l [V]';signal_id=DASs/StandardDAS/LoopVoltageCoil_raw.csv;gnuplot -p -e "set title 'Golem #`wget -q -O -$shot_no/shot_no`';set datafile separator ',';set xlabel 't [s]';set ylabel '$ylabel';plot '< wget -q -O -$shot_no/$signal_id' w l t '$ylabel\@$shot_no'"
shot_no=33993;ylabel='U_l [V]';signal_id=DASs/StandardDAS/LoopVoltageCoil_raw.csv;\
gnuplot -p -e "
set title 'Golem #`wget -q -O -$shot_no/shot_no`';
set datafile separator ',';set xlabel 't [s]';set ylabel '$ylabel';
plot '< wget -q -O -$shot_no/$signal_id' w l t '$ylabel\@$shot_no'"
#Hint: copy and paste it to the linux terminal

</td><td><img src="/Handling/CompAlgSystems4Golem/gnuplot/Demos/33993/Ul/CommandLine/Screenshot.png"></img></td></tr>