The CASTOR tokamak, which has been operated for 30 years at the IPP Prague was moved to the Czech Technical University in Prague and became an educational device for domestic as well as for foreign students, via remote participation/handling. The reinstalled tokamak (\(R =0.4\) m, \(a = 0.085\) m), now baptised as GOLEM (see Fig. 1), operates currently at modest range of parameters, \(B_t<0.8\) T, \(I_p<8\) kA, discharge duration \(\approx\) 13 ms, and with a limited set of diagnostics. This facility is offered to the FUSENET (the 7th FWP European Fusion Education Network) as a (remote) practica experiment.

The Golem tokamak in action

Remote participation of several foreign universities (in Hungary, Belgium, Poland and Costa Rica) has been successfully performed. A unique feature of the GOLEM device is functionality which enables complete remote participation and control, solely through Internet access. Basic remote control is possible either in online mode via WWW/SSH interface or offline mode using batch processing code. Discharge parameters are set in each case to configure the tokamak for a plasma discharge. Using the X11 protocol it is possible to control in an advanced mode many technological aspects of the tokamak operation, including:

Basic information about the GOLEM tokamak: