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# Tokamak GOLEM for the Torino Politecnico, Italy on Torino

<font color=red size="+2">Messages from operator:</font><br/>
<!--<li><font color=black size="+0">Waiting for the session</font><br/></li>-->
<li><font color=black size="+0">8:30 Technical problems. We will start 8:45.</font><br/></li>
<li><font color=black size="+0">7:30 Preparing the session</font><br/></li>

<li><font color=black size="+0">Waiting for the session</font><br/></li>
<!--<li><font color=black size="+0">8:30 Technical problems. We will start 8:45.</font><br/></li>-->
<!--<li><font color=black size="+0">7:30 Preparing the session</font><br/></li>-->
<!--<li><font color=black size="+0">8:22 Tokamak GOLEM is ready. You can request discharges now</font><br/></li>-->
<!--<li><font color=red size="+1">8:44 First discharge #37581 from TU Torino OK, with plasma. Congratulation.</font><br/></li>-->
<!--<li><font color=red size="+1">8:44 First discharge from XY OK, with plasma. Congratulation.</font><br/></li>-->


## Useful materials
- [General introductory lecture to the tokamak GOLEM operation](presentation/present.pdf)
- [Tokamak GOLEM wiki](
- [Basic examples how to reach and analyse the GOLEM data](/Handling/BasicExamples)
- [Common issues: virtual model & GOLEM tours & data handling  & production](

## Control rooms

- Control room for [Group 1](
- Control room for [Group 2](
- Control room for [Group 3](
- Control room for [Group 4](
- Control room for [Group 5](
- Control room for [Group 6](

Communication (preferably chat) via [jitsi videoconference](

## Recommended discharges from archive (to train whatever in advance)

* [TU Torino Dec 2020 started at #34423](

Old data access:

* Plasma shot #[22471](
* Vacuum shot #[22475](
* [TU Torino Dec 2016 started at #22716]( 
* [TU Torino Dec 2017 started at #25355]( 
* [TU Torino Dec 2018 started at #28981]( 

## Access

Link to this very page: <b><a href=""></a></b>
<br/><a href=""><img src="presentation/qrcode.jpg" width="30%"/></a>

<br/>Directory structure of this very page <a href="">(other relevant materials).</a>

## Production issues

* Communication, preferably via chat, @ [jitsi](  

* In case of any real-time troubles (tokamak is not a blackboard and chalk), [plan "B" page (archive of previous remote sessions)]( for off-line usage 

## Feedback

We appreciate your comments, suggestions to the system and its functionality. Send us an <a href="">e-mail</a>