GOLEM wiki tutorial


Navigating and managing the GOLEM wiki is not a very straightforward task, with some actions outright impossible without Vojtěch Svoboda’s, the administrator’s, help. To conserve what know-how I have for future generations (and myself when I turn senile), I have created this page.

#Access to wiki editing rights

Ask Vojta to create an account for you. To log in, go to any page (including this one) and go to the edit tab. Put in your login credentials and you’re good to go.

##“I can’t edit some parts of the wiki.”

Ask Vojta to give you the needed permissions.

Editing a wiki page

To edit an existing wiki page (such as this one), go to the edit tab. The coding of wiki pages varies - some is HTML, some is Markdown, some is a mixture that the wiki can’t interpret and so it doesn’t display the content at all. I personally use Markdown because there are less brackets and it supports LaTEX math, which makes writing very fast. To declare which coding your page is using, write it at the beginning of the page (see this page source code as example).

The wiki language is English. Those who write their pages in Czech or, God forbid, other languages, shall be smitten.

The wiki remembers when you started editing a page, and if there have been some changes in it since you began, it will let you know. The implementation is not entirely transparent and the error message may trigger somewhat randomly, so make sure to save your page every few minutes.

To save your page, write some description of changes in the bottom bar and press the Save button below it. The description is mandatory. If you want to see how the page looks but not save it yet, click the Preview button.

#Creating a wiki page

To create a wiki page, just write its desired path into the address bar, such as http://golem.fjfi.cvut.cz/wiki/_edit/Tools/Wiki/a_way_better_wiki_tutorial. The wiki will say that the page does not exist, and will offer to create the page. There, you’re all set.

To create folders in the wiki using the web interface, create a page in these new folders using the way described above. This will automatically create the folders as well as the target page. It is not possible to create folders using the web interface without creating the page as well.

#Uploading other content (pictures, PDF…)

This is somewhat complicated. I recommend you read all the steps before you follow them, lest you make a reckless decision.

  1. Pick where you want to upload the file.
  2. Click Upload file in the bar to the left.
  3. Upload the file using the button. Don’t submit it yet!
  4. Name the file to something readable. When someone comes across it in the wiki folder listing, they should be able to get an idea of what’s inside. For instance, 2009_Brotankova_sheared_flows.pdf is fine, while Brotance_shear.pdf is less telling.
  5. Insert the intended file path before the file name. For instance, /Diagnostics/ParticleFlux/DoubleRakeProbe/2009_Brotankova_sheared_flows.pdf. Don’t forget this! If you do (like I have many times), the file will be places in the root directory. You can delete it from there, though, see below.
  6. Into the description, write in one sentence what the file contains.
  7. Submit the file.

Then you may link to the file in any page of the wiki. For instance (see source code of this page), this is a Markdown link.

Markdown picture example.
Markdown picture example.

This straighforward insertion will display the picture in its original size. If you want a smaller picture but don’t want to bother with uploading several versions of it in different sizes, use the following HTML perk (HTML works within Markdown):

##Deleting uploaded files

Find the file in the folder listing and click (delete).

#Wiki morality

The mission of GOLEM wiki is to collect all information relevant to GOLEM. In the ideal case, if you’re interested in, say, measurements using the double rake probe, you should be able to click your way to it no matter who you are and no matter where you are. Considering that almost all GOLEM data is open source and anybody can access it, it’s a small miracle that there have been no major accidents so far. The wiki (and GOLEM database) complexity is the first line of defence, I think.

GOLEM wiki morality requires you to put everything on the wiki. Are you a PRPL (plasma physics practica) student and you’ve come to measure something on GOLEM? Make a wiki page about it! Have you found a nice article relevant to GOLEM undertakings? Put it on the wiki and link it on the relevant place! This morality is upheld at some places and not so much at others… but do not give up. Science counts on you.


##“I need to delete or move a wiki page/folder.”

To my knowledge, this can’t be done through the web interface. Ask Vojta for help.

##“I can’t find this piece of information.”

Tough luck, friend. Grind your teeth and work your way through the folder listing. Maybe Vojta will know. If you’re especially frustrated, you are more than welcome to link the information you’ve found to some more visible place (like the front page).