Hall probes

Magnetic field measurements by Hall probes

System is for magnetical measurements inside the vacuum vessel of tokamak GOLEM. The aim of the measurement is to obtain information on spatial arrangements of magnetic field inside the chamber of GOLEM during the discharge and later particularize the location of plasma and raising the effectivity and precision of its feedback control. This diagnostics will introduce the students the advanced methods of magnetic fields measurement, which are recently being tested on large tokamaks JET and Tore Supra and will be used on future fusion reactor ITER as well. System will also enable students to demonstrate the arrangement of the magnetic field components inside the chamber of tokamak and to understand the principle of plasma location measurement by magnetic diagnostics. Installation of the system will enable the comparative measurement of plasma location by magnetical measurements (inductive and galvanometric), bolometry and Langmuier probes. This will create the ideal conditions for the demonstration of advantages and limits of the particular plasma location measurements methods.

There are currently submitted the folowing work tasks:

  1. Designing of the appropriate Hall probe, which can be effectively used in measurement in tokamak. There is considered to copy the Hall probe which was used on CASTOR tokamak on IPP CAS.
  2. Measurement of magnetic fields arrangement inside the chamber of CASTOR by separated waking of the particular systems of tokamak windings (toroidal, primary, poloidal). Comparison of measured values with model of vacuum magnetic field induced by current in particular winding.
  3. Measurement of magnetic fields by coils and Hall sensors at development. Familiarisation with principles and technical realisation of both methods of magnetic field measurement and practical comparison of both diagnostics outputs, considering sensitivity, frequency area and precision.
  4. Interpretation of plasma location by Hall sensors in different regimes of operation and comparison of results with output of bolometres and radial field of Langmuier probes.

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