X-Ray diagnostics

X-Ray diagnostics

The X-ray diagnostics on GOLEM tokamak will have two main purposes. First purpose of their use is the Dosimetry of ionising radiation fields in tokamak vicinity. Namely, the dosimetrical measurements in vicinity of tokamak GOLEM will include the dosimetry of x-ray fields and gamma radiation. In the x-ray case there will be necessary to determine the equivalent doses in the low energy area. Comparison of these results with the data obtained by common photon radiation dosimeter will enable to differ the shares of low-energy and high-energy part of photon radiation field in tokamak vicinity. For identification of possible sources of gamma radiation there will be used spectrometric HPGe detector which enables to use the measurement of in-sit. For this purpose, there have been stated two work tasks: Measurement of equivalent dosis of x-ray and gamma radiation and gamma radiation spectroscopy.

The second purpose is the X-ray plasma diagnostics. The task is to state the spectra of x-ray radiation, emitted by plasma, by silica spectrometrical detector. The solution of problem can be divided into 3 parts. The detector must be first calibrated by radionuclide sources emitting known fluxes of photon radiation in low-energy area. In the second part, this semiconducting detector will measure x-ray radiation. Then, there will be stated the spectrum of x-ray radiation of the results which will be derived of the detector reaction on known radiation spectrum of calibration measurements. For this second purpose, there has been stated a single work task of X-ray radiation spectrometry. The garants for this section of diagnostics are Ing. Tomáš Trojek, RNDr Lenka Thinová.

Devices used

Gamma detector

Pulse height analyser

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