Possible basic measurements at the tokamak GOLEM


  • Magnetic confinement of high temperature plasma at the GOLEM tokamak. Introduction & Reports
  • Breakdown studies: Impact of engineering parameters such as the charging voltage of condenser banks for generation of the Toroidal magnetic \(U_{B_t}\) field and the Current in the primary winding of the GOLEM transformer \(U_{E_{CD}}\) on the plasma breakdown and on shot duration. Introduction & Reports
  • Measurement of the electron temperature together with focus on measurement procedure and uncertainty assessment. Reports
  • Get the maximum plasma current \(I_p\) and see how it influences the shot duration, proposing an explanation. Reports
  • Get the maximum electron Temperature \(T_e\) varying Toroidal magnetic field \(B_t\) and Current drive \(U_{CD}\) and see how these influence the shot duration, also proposing an explanation.
  • Variation of \(U_{B_t}\) and \(U_{E_{CD}}\) on Plasma Duration and Safety Value. Reports
  • Where are the GOLEM discharges in the \(n\cdot T_i\cdot\tau_E\) versus \(T_i\) diagram ? Reports

Martin@psu’s ideas (November, 2022)

  • Experimental determination of the Kruskal-Shafranov safety factor limit. By measuring the toroidal and edge poloidal magnetic fields of successful and unsuccessful discharges, estimate the minimum value of the edge safety factor to ensure a stable discharge.
  • Electric current dynamics during the discharge of a capacitor bank into a highly inductive load. By correlating the charging voltage of the capacitors and the evolution of the toroidal magnetic field, establish the variation of the current circulating in the toroidal field coils of GOLEM and compare with a simple RCL transient circuit.
  • Estimation of plasma resistance from plasma current measurements as a function of density and temperature. By measuring the loop voltage and the plasma current for a variety of density and temperature conditions, establish the functional relationship between the plasma resistivity and the plasma paramenters
  • Measuring the efficiency of the primary transformer of the GOLEM tokamak. By measuring the magnetic flux swing in the GOLEM transformer, establish its efficiency to transfer power to the plasma.
  • Estimation of the plasma energy confinement time in the GOLEM tokamak.

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