#How to reach tokamak GOLEM * Address: Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering, Czech Technical University, Břehová 7, Prague, Czech Republic * Faculty entrance: Google maps & Google street. Direct GOLEM entrance : Google street. * How to reach the address with public transportation: - closest: tram stop Právnická fakulta (tram number 17) - most reliable: metro station Staroměstská (metro A) * How to reach the address with car: - don’t take the car, it’s notoriously difficult to find free parking (most Prague dwellers report that finding a place to park takes them longer than their daily commute to work) - if you don’t mind paid parking (700-1000 CZK per day), the nearest parking lot is the Rudolfinum underground parking lot * How to reach the address with bicycle: - don’t ride bicycle in the Old Town unless you have a death wish

#Hotels and hostels

This list contains several hotels where accommodation was offered to GOLEM visitors in the past. They are not necessarily the closest, cheapest or nicest.

  • Masaryk dormitory: Thákurova 1, Prague 6
    • Google maps
    • The best way to reach the dormitory:
      • from the airport: take the bus 119 and get off at the stop Dejvická
      • from the main railway station or from the bus terminal Florenc: find the nearest metro (Hlavní nádraží and Florenc, respectively), ride it to the Muzeum station, then transfer to the A line (green) and get off at the station Dejvická
      • from the station Dejvická, just follow the map to the dormitory address, it is within walking distance
    • From the dormitory to the GOLEM tokamak: Go to the metro station Dejvická and travel three stops to the stop Staroměstská. Then follow the map.
  • Hotel Mazanka
  • Hotel Henrietta: Ke Stírce 42, Prague 8
    • Path between the Václav Havel airport and the hotel (approx 50 minutes, one 32 CZK ticket is enough):
      • from the airport, take the bus 119 and get off at the final stop, Nádraží Veleslavín
      • transfer to the metro A (green) and go to the station Muzeum
      • transfer to the metro C (red) and go to the station Kobylisy
      • use Google Maps to reach the hotel on foot (approx 5 minutes)
    • The tram path between the hotel and Břehová 7 (approx 20 minutes, one 24 CZK ticket is sufficient):
      • walk from the hotel to the tram station Kobylisy (in front of the metro station)
      • enter the tram 17 and go to the station Právnická fakulta
      • use Google Maps to reach the venue (approx 2 minutes)
    • The metro path between the hotel and Břehová 7 (approx 20 minutes, one 24 CZK ticket is sufficient):
      • walk from the hotel to the metro station Kobylisy
      • enter the metro C (red) and go to the station Muzem
      • transfer to the metro A (green) and go to the station Staroměstská
      • use Google Maps to reach the venue (approx 5 minutes)

#Transportation system in Prague * The spine of the system are three metro lines (A, B and C), which are supported by a number of trams and buses. There are also trains (denoted by the letter S) which fall under Prague public transportation. (Beware - not all trains running through Prague fall into this category.) Plus, if you like being fancy, your public transportation ticket also extends to a funicular on the Petřín hill and a few small ferries on the Vltava river. * The metro starts at about 5 AM and stops at midnight. During the night, night trams (number 5x) and buses (numbers 5xy) are in operation. * Practical tip: To make your transport around the city smoother, download offline maps of Prague and a public transport app. * app (very reliable maps, but only in Czech) * IDOS app (very reliable connection search, and international) * Google Maps app (somewhat less reliable but viable maps, international) * Prague Trips app (untested connection search, costs 4.5 euro but apparently includes sightseeing trips) * Visit the public transport company website for more information. A web-based journey planner may be found here. * Fares: * Short term for adults: 90 mins for 32 CZK or 30 mins for 24 CZK. * Longer term for adults: 1 day (24 hrs): 110 CZK, 3 days (72 hrs): 310 CZK. * Where to get tickets: * Recommended: ticket vending machines, located almost in every metro station. Mostly they require coins, but some accept credit cards (one such is located at metro station Staroměstská, which is the one closest to Břehová 7, and another at the main train station). * SMS tickets - see here. * Public transport company booths, located in a number of larger metro stations. They accept both cash and credit cards. Note that some of the longer term tickets (1 day, 3 days) are only sold in these booths. * In some trams, you can buy tickets directly in the wagon using a contactless credit card. * In order to validate your ticket, you must have it marked at the entrance to the metro area or within a bus or a tram. Without this mark, your ticket is not valid. As long as your ticket is valid, you can go anywhere in Prague using any of the listed mode of public transport. (There are more distant zones in the rural area around Prague - your ticket does not extend there. However, as long as you stay reasonably close to the metro, you have zero chance of ending up in such a distant zone.) * Tips for staying polite in the public transport: * Especially when the bus/metro/tram is crowded, be mindful of where you are standing. The space in front of the door is especially critical - if you stand here, be ready to move out of the way. If a person behind you obviously wants to get off (stand up, gathers their bags etc.) but has no way but directly through you, then the most polite thing to do is to get off as well and then get on again. * The right side of moving stairs is for standing, the left side is for walking. Don’t stand on the left side, you’ll be in the way of people who hurry.


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