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List of all available data in Pygolem

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breakdown_field (0.043 T) BreakDownBt Magnetic flux density [T] Toroidal mag. field during breakdown
breakdown_probability (92 %) breakdown_probability Probability [%] Probability of breakdown using SVM
breakdown_rate (8.93e-05 s) breakdown_rate Time [s] Characterictic plasma current grow time
breakdown_rate_err (4.29e-06 s) breakdown_rate_err Time [s] Error of characterictic plasma current grow time
breakdown_time (0.00686 s) BreakDownTime Time [s] Time of breakdown
breakdown_voltage (10.2 V) BreakDownVoltage Voltage [V] Loop voltage during breakdown
camera:color_emiss_1 (txt,xls,img,...) colors_0 Color emissivity [a.u.] Emissivity of RGB colors measured by camera 1
camera:color_emiss_2 (txt,xls,img,...) colors_1 Color emissivity [a.u.] Emissivity of RGB colors measured by camera 2
camera:output_power_tomo (txt,xls,img,...) power Power [a.u.] Plasma output power
camera:position_horizontal_tomo (txt,xls,img,...) xmass Horizontal distance from tokamak center [m] Horizontal plasma position (using camera)
camera:position_vertical_tomo (txt,xls,img,...) ymass Vertical distance from tokamak center [m] Vertical plasma position (using camera)
cb (0.081 F) TororoidalMagneticFieldCapacitor Capacity [F] Total capacity of tororoidal magnetic field capacitors
cbd (0.0036 F) BreakDownElectricFieldCapacitor Capacity [F] Total capacity of breakdown field capacitors
ccd (0.0112 F) CurrentDriveElectricFieldCapacitor Capacity [F] Total capacity of current drive field capacitors
chamber_current(txt,xls,img,...) Ich Current [A] Current through chamber
chamber_inductance (6.21e-07 H) ChamberInduktance Inductance [H] Inductance of chamber (to IPLA)
chamber_resistance (0.00967 Ohm) ChamberResistance Resistance [Ohm] Chamber resistance from fitting of I chamber
chamber_resistance_old (236 Ohm) ChamberResistance_old Resistance [Ohm] Chamber resistance from UloopMax and IrogMax
chamber_temperature (N/A °C) Aktual_TermoclanekNaKomore Temperature [°C] Chamber temperature
code_revision (txt) code_revision str HG repository revision
cst (0.0027 F) StabilizationCapacitor Capacity [F] Total capacity of stabilization field capacitors
current_breakdown_coils (txt,xls,img,...) I_breakdown_coils Current [A] Current in breakdown coils
current_cd_coils (txt,xls,img,...) I_current_drive_coils Current [A] Current in current drive coils
current_stabilization_coils (txt,xls,img,...) I_stabilization_coils Current [A] Current in stabilization coils
current_toroidal_coils (txt,xls,img,...) I_toroidal_coils Current [A] Current in toroidal coils
date (txt) shot_date date Date of shot
date_str (txt) date date Date of shot
electron_confinement_t98 (5.23e-07 s) t_98 Time [s] Tau 98 extrapolation of confinement time
electron_confinement_time (1.11e-05 s) ElectronConfinementTimeFirstApprox Time [s] First approximation of electron confinement time
electron_density(txt,xls,img,...) electron_density [m^-3] Electron density
electron_density:reliability (59.5 -) reliability [-] Total difference in phase
electron_density_equilibrium (2.88e+18 m^-3) StateEqElectronDensity Particle density [m^-3] Approximation of electron density through equilibrium state
electron_density_line(txt,xls,img,...) electron_density_line [m^-2] Line electron density
electron_density_mean (1.23e+18 m^-3) electron_density_mean [m^-3] Mean line electron density
electron_temp_probe (txt,xls,img,...) Te_probe T [eV] Rake probe - Electron temperature
electron_temperature(txt,xls,img,...) ElectronTemp Temperature [eV] Electron temperature
electron_temperature_max (24 eV) ElectronTempMax Temperature [eV] Electron temperature max (filtered)
floating_potential (txt,xls,img,...) floating_potential U [V] Rake probe - Floating potential
gas_filling (1 ) H2filling binary Working gas
greenwald_density(txt,xls,img,...) GreenwaldDensity Density [-] Greenwald density
hxr(txt,xls,img,...) HXR Intensity [a.u.] Intensity of X-ray radiation
hxr_end (0.022 s) last_peak Time [s] End of HXR radiation
hxr_mean (0.733 a.u.) HXR_mean Intensity [a.u.] Mean intensity of X-ray radiation
hxr_smooth(txt,xls,img,...) HXR_smooth Intensity [a.u.] Smoothed intensity of X-ray radiation
hxr_start (0.00304 s) first_peak Time [s] Start of HXR radiation
ida:ida_ions_projections (txt) IDA_ions_projections a.u. Ions radiation projections from IDA
input_power(txt,xls,img,...) OhmicHeatingPower Power [W] Ohmic heating power
input_power_chamber(txt,xls,img,...) PowerChamber Power [W] Ohmic power converted to chamber
input_power_magnetic(txt,xls,img,...) PowerMagnetic Power [W] Ohmic power converted to magnetic power
input_power_mean (1.8e+04 W) OhmicHeatingPowerMean Power [W] Ohmic heating power
input_power_plasma(txt,xls,img,...) PowerPlasma Power [W] Ohmic power converted to plasma
input_power_plasma_mean (1.52e+04 W) MeanPowerPlasma Power [W] Ohmic heating power plasma
input_power_total(txt,xls,img,...) PowerTotal Power [W] Total ohmic heating power
lb (0.0028 H) ToroidalMagneticFieldCoilInductance Inductance [H] Inductance tororoidal magnetic field coils
loop_voltage(txt,xls,img,...) Uloop Voltage [V] Loop voltage
loop_voltage_max (20.1 V) UloopMax Voltage [V] Maximum of loop voltage
loop_voltage_mean (9.24 V) UloopMean Voltage [V] Mean of loop voltage
mirnov_coils:position_r (txt,xls,img,...) position_r R [m] plasma horizontal position from mirnov coils
mirnov_coils:position_z (txt,xls,img,...) position_z Z [m] plasma vertical position from mirnov coils
noise_level (0.000642 V) noise_level Noise [V] Estimation of noise in room from dBt signal
param_1 (45 ) param_1 Parameter Nb.1 Custom parameter Nb.1
param_2 (txt) param_2 Parameter Nb.2 Custom parameter Nb.2
param_3 (txt) param_3 Parameter Nb.3 Custom parameter Nb.3
param_4 (txt) param_4 Parameter Nb.4 Custom parameter Nb.4
param_5 (txt) param_5 Parameter Nb.5 Custom parameter Nb.5
photodiode(txt,xls,img,...) Photod Intensity [a.u.] Light intensity measured by photodiode
photodiode_alpha(txt,xls,img,...) PhotodHalpha Intensity [a.u.] Light intensity measured by photodiode with H-alpha filter
photodiode_mean (0.127 a.u.) PhotodMean Intensity [a.u.] Mean of light intensity measured by photodiode
photodiode_other (txt,xls,img,...) PhotodVrba Intensity [a.u.] Light intensity measured by photodiode
plasma (1 ) Plasma binary Breakdown was successful if True
plasma_current(txt,xls,img,...) Iplasma Current [A] Plasma current
plasma_current_decay (7.87e+06 A/s) plasma_current_decay Current [A/s] Maximal plasma current decay
plasma_current_mean (1.95e+03 A) IplaMean Current [A] Mean of plasma current
plasma_end (0.0148 s) PlasmaEnd Time [s] Time of plasma lifespan end
plasma_life (0.00794 s) PlasmaTimeLength Time [s] Time of plasma lifespan
plasma_position:reliability (28.8 -) residuum [-] Number corresponding to quality of fit
plasma_position_r(txt,xls,img,...) R_position Position R [m] Plasma position in horizontal direction
plasma_position_z(txt,xls,img,...) Z_position Position Z [m] Plasma position in vertical direction
plasma_radius(txt,xls,img,...) plasma_radius Radius [m] Plasma radius
plasma_start (0.00689 s) PlasmaStart Time [s] Time of plasma lifespan beginning
plasma_status (txt) PlasmaStatus str Status of machine
preionization (1 ) PreIonization binary Pre-Ionization
pressure (11.9 mPa) Aktual_PfeifferMerkaVakua Pressure [mPa] Working gas pressure before discharge
pressure_chamber (txt) aktual_pfeiffermerkavakuapotrubi Pressure [mPa] Pressure in pipes
pressure_initial (2.63 mPa) Initial_PfeifferMerkaVakua Pressure [mPa] Background gas pressure
pressure_request (12 mPa) pressure_setting_mPa Pressure [mPa] Requested gas pressure before discharge
reversed_efield (0 ) ReversedCD bool True if E field was reversed
rogowski_current(txt,xls,img,...) Irogowski Current [A] Current measured by Rogowski coil
rogowski_current_max (3425 A) IrogowskiMax Current [A] Maximum of current measured by Rogowski coil
safety_factor(txt,xls,img,...) Qedge Q [-] Safety factor
safety_factor_mean (2.78 -) QedgeMean Q [-] Mean of Q edge
session_length (15709 s) Aktual_Time Time [s] Time since session beginning
session_name (txt) SessionName str Name of session
session_name_date (txt) SessionNameDate str Name of session with date
shotno (12613 ) ShotNo Shot number Number of shot
spectrometr:data (txt) spectra.txt_Data_.txt None Spectral resolved radiation
spectrometr:energy_coefficients (txt) energy_constants a.u. constant to recalculation of the ion intensity to the power
spectrometr:impurities_concentration(txt,xls,img,...) density relative concentration Plasma impurities concentration
spectrometr:mean_radiation_power (1.68e+04 W) meanPower Power [W] Mean radiated power
spectrometr:mean_relative_density_c (0.531 ) C a.u. Mean relative density C
spectrometr:mean_relative_density_h (0.152 ) H a.u. Mean relative density H
spectrometr:mean_relative_density_he (1.13e-05 ) He a.u. Mean relative density He
spectrometr:mean_relative_density_m1 (0.271 ) M1 a.u. Mean relative density M1
spectrometr:mean_relative_density_miv (0.0517 ) MIV a.u. Mean relative density MIV
spectrometr:mean_relative_density_n (0.386 ) N a.u. Mean relative density N
spectrometr:mean_relative_density_o (0.31 ) O a.u. Mean relative density O
spectrometr:mean_temperature (22.8 eV) temperature T [eV] Mean estimated temperature
spectrometr:projections(txt,xls,img,...) projection relative intensity [-] Ion radiation projection to spectra
spectrometr:projections_basis (txt) components relative intensity [-] Ion projection basis
spectrometr:resid_spectra(txt,xls,img,...) residual_spectra intensity [a.u.] Total residual spectra
spectrometr:temperature(txt,xls,img,...) temperature T_e [eV] Electron temperature
spectrometr:total_radiated_power(txt,xls,img,...) TotalPower Power [a.u.] Total radiated power in range 200-1200 nm
tags (txt) / Tags Tags
tb (0.005 s) Tb Time [s] Time delay of toroidal mag. field
tbd (0.005 s) Tbd Time [s] Time delay of breakdown magnetic field
tcd (0.0055 s) Tcd Time [s] Time delay of current drive
temperature_mean (20.3 eV) ElectronTemperatureMean Temperature [eV] Electron temperature
time (txt) shot_time date Time of shot
toroidal_field(txt,xls,img,...) Btoroidal Magnetic flux density [T] Toroidal magnetic field
toroidal_field_max (0.262 T) BtMax Magnetic flux density [T] Maximum of toroidal magnetic field
toroidal_field_mean (0.12 T) BtMean Magnetic flux density [T] Mean of toroidal magnetic field
total_charge (6.24 C) TotalCharge Charge [C] Total charge
total_magnetic_flux(txt,xls,img,...) TotalMagneticFlux Flux [Vs] Total magnetic flux
transformator_saturation (0.511 -) TransformatorSaturation Relative saturation [-] Saturation of iron core divided by maximum
tst (0.005 s) Tst Time [s] Time delay of stabilization magnetic field
ub (600 V) Ub_limit Voltage [V] Charging voltage of capacitors for toroidal magnetic field coils
ubd (0 V) Ubd_limit Voltage [V] Charging voltage of capacitors for breakdown magnetic field coils
ucd (500 V) Ucd_limit Voltage [V] Charging voltage of capacitors for current drive transformer primary winding
ust (0 V) Ust_limit Voltage [V] Charging voltage of capacitors for stabilization magnetic field coils
working_gas (txt) Gas string Gas
wwwcomment (txt) wwwcomment str Discharge pre-comment
zeff (3 -) Zeff Zeff [-] Estimation of Z effective (manually set)

DAS - channel setting [das_configuration.cfg] (more details)



nistandard (txt,xls,img,...) nistandard all channels
        uloop (txt,xls,img,...) 0
        btor (txt,xls,img,...) 1
        irog (txt,xls,img,...) 2
        photo (txt,xls,img,...) 3
        haphoto (txt,xls,img,...) 4
        hxr (txt,xls,img,...) 5
        input_amplifier (txt,xls,img,...) 6
        rogowsky_quadr (txt,xls,img,...) 7

nistandard6132 (txt,xls,img,...) nistandard6132 all channels
        mirnov_1 (txt,xls,img,...) 0
        mirnov_5 (txt,xls,img,...) 1
        mirnov_9 (txt,xls,img,...) 2
        mirnov_13 (txt,xls,img,...) 3

niturbo (txt,xls,img,...) niturbo all channels
        ring_1 (txt,xls,img,...) 0
        ring_2 (txt,xls,img,...) 1
        ring_3 (txt,xls,img,...) 2
        ring_4 (txt,xls,img,...) 3
        ring_5 (txt,xls,img,...) 4
        ring_6 (txt,xls,img,...) 5
        ring_7 (txt,xls,img,...) 6
        ring_8 (txt,xls,img,...) 7
        ring_9 (txt,xls,img,...) 8
        ring_10 (txt,xls,img,...) 9
        ring_11 (txt,xls,img,...) 10
        ring_12 (txt,xls,img,...) 11
        ring_13 (txt,xls,img,...) 12
        ring_14 (txt,xls,img,...) 13
        ring_15 (txt,xls,img,...) 14
        ring_16 (txt,xls,img,...) 15

niturbo6251 (txt,xls,img,...) niturbo6251 all channels

niturbo6356 (txt,xls,img,...) niturbo6356 all channels




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