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List of all available data in Pygolem

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breakdown_field (0.085 T) BreakDownBt Magnetic flux density [T] Toroidal mag. field during breakdown
breakdown_probability (45 %) breakdown_probability Probability [%] Probability of breakdown using SVM
breakdown_rate (txt) breakdown_rate Time [s] Characterictic plasma current grow time
breakdown_rate_err (txt) breakdown_rate_err Time [s] Error of characterictic plasma current grow time
breakdown_time (0.00713 s) BreakDownTime Time [s] Time of breakdown
breakdown_voltage (8.06 V) BreakDownVoltage Voltage [V] Loop voltage during breakdown
camera:color_emiss_1 (txt,xls,img,...) colors_1 Color emissivity [a.u.] Emissivity of RGB colors measured by camera 1
camera:color_emiss_2 (txt,xls,img,...) colors_2 Color emissivity [a.u.] Emissivity of RGB colors measured by camera 2
camera:output_power_tomo (txt,xls,img,...) power Power [a.u.] Plasma output power
camera:position_horizontal_tomo (txt,xls,img,...) xmass Horizontal distance from tokamak center [m] Horizontal plasma position (using camera)
camera:position_vertical_tomo (txt,xls,img,...) ymass Vertical distance from tokamak center [m] Vertical plasma position (using camera)
cb (0.0675 F) TororoidalMagneticFieldCapacitor Capacity [F] Total capacity of tororoidal magnetic field capacitors
cbd (0.0036 F) BreakDownElectricFieldCapacitor Capacity [F] Total capacity of breakdown field capacitors
ccd (0.0135 F) CurrentDriveElectricFieldCapacitor Capacity [F] Total capacity of current drive field capacitors
chamber_current(txt,xls,img,...) Ich Current [A] Current through chamber
chamber_inductance (1.2e-06 H) ChamberInduktance Inductance [H] Inductance of chamber (to IPLA)
chamber_resistance (0.0097 Ohm) ChamberResistance Resistance [Ohm] Chamber resistance from fitting of I chamber
chamber_resistance_old (94.8 Ohm) ChamberResistance_old Resistance [Ohm] Chamber resistance from UloopMax and IrogMax
chamber_temperature (30 °C) Aktual_TermoclanekNaKomore Temperature [°C] Chamber temperature
code_revision (txt) code_revision str HG repository revision
cst (0.0027 F) StabilizationCapacitor Capacity [F] Total capacity of stabilization field capacitors
current_breakdown_coils (txt,xls,img,...) I_breakdown_coils Current [A] Current in breakdown coils
current_cd_coils (txt,xls,img,...) I_current_drive_coils Current [A] Current in current drive coils
current_stabilization_coils (txt,xls,img,...) I_stabilization_coils Current [A] Current in stabilization coils
current_toroidal_coils (txt,xls,img,...) I_toroidal_coils Current [A] Current in toroidal coils
date (txt) shot_date date Date of shot
date_str (txt) date date Date of shot
discharge_aborted (txt) discharge_aborted binary Was discharge aborted
dpr_l_outer_manipulator (txt) l_outer_manipulator l [mm] Length of doule rake probe manipulater outside
electron_confinement_t98 (txt) t_98 Time [s] Tau 98 extrapolation of confinement time
electron_confinement_time (5.03e-05 s) ElectronConfinementTimeFirstApprox Time [s] First approximation of electron confinement time
electron_density (txt,xls,img,...) electron_density [m^-3] Electron density
electron_density:reliability (txt) reliability [-] Total difference in phase
electron_density_equilibrium (6.21e+18 m^-3) StateEqElectronDensity Particle density [m^-3] Approximation of electron density through equilibrium state
electron_density_line (txt,xls,img,...) electron_density_line [m^-2] Line electron density
electron_density_lm (txt,xls,img,...) electron_density [m^-3] Electron density
electron_density_mean (txt) electron_density_mean [m^-3] Mean line electron density
electron_temp_probe (txt,xls,img,...) Te_probe T [eV] Rake probe - Electron temperature
electron_temperature(txt,xls,img,...) ElectronTemp Temperature [eV] Electron temperature
electron_temperature_max (22.3 eV) ElectronTempMax Temperature [eV] Electron temperature max (filtered)
floating_potential (txt,xls,img,...) floating_potential U [V] Rake probe - Floating potential
gas_filling (1 ) H2filling binary Working gas ON/OFF
greenwald_density(txt,xls,img,...) GreenwaldDensity Density [-] Greenwald density
hxr_end (txt) last_peak Time [s] End of HXR radiation
hxr_mean (txt) HXR_mean Intensity [a.u.] Mean intensity of X-ray radiation
hxr_signal (txt,xls,img,...) HXR Intensity [a.u.] Intensity of X-ray radiation
hxr_smooth (txt,xls,img,...) HXR_smooth Intensity [a.u.] Smoothed intensity of X-ray radiation
hxr_start (txt) first_peak Time [s] Start of HXR radiation
ida:ida_ions_projections (txt) IDA_ions_projections a.u. Ions radiation projections from IDA
input_power(txt,xls,img,...) OhmicHeatingPower Power [W] Ohmic heating power
input_power_chamber(txt,xls,img,...) PowerChamber Power [W] Ohmic power converted to chamber
input_power_magnetic(txt,xls,img,...) PowerMagnetic Power [W] Ohmic power converted to magnetic power
input_power_mean (6.51e+03 W) OhmicHeatingPowerMean Power [W] Ohmic heating power
input_power_plasma(txt,xls,img,...) PowerPlasma Power [W] Ohmic power converted to plasma
input_power_plasma_mean (5.67e+03 W) MeanPowerPlasma Power [W] Ohmic heating power plasma
input_power_total(txt,xls,img,...) PowerTotal Power [W] Total ohmic heating power
lb (0.0028 H) ToroidalMagneticFieldCoilInductance Inductance [H] Inductance tororoidal magnetic field coils
loop_voltage(txt,xls,img,...) Uloop Voltage [V] Loop voltage
loop_voltage_max (11.2 V) UloopMax Voltage [V] Maximum of loop voltage
loop_voltage_mean (6.83 V) UloopMean Voltage [V] Mean of loop voltage
mirnov_coils:position_r (txt,xls,img,...) position_r R [m] plasma horizontal position from mirnov coils
mirnov_coils:position_z (txt,xls,img,...) position_z Z [m] plasma vertical position from mirnov coils
noise_level (0.00479 V) noise_level Noise [V] Estimation of noise in room from dBt signal
param_1 (txt) param_1 Parameter Nb.1 Custom parameter Nb.1
param_2 (txt) param_2 Parameter Nb.2 Custom parameter Nb.2
param_3 (txt) param_3 Parameter Nb.3 Custom parameter Nb.3
param_4 (txt) param_4 Parameter Nb.4 Custom parameter Nb.4
param_5 (txt) param_5 Parameter Nb.5 Custom parameter Nb.5
photodiode(txt,xls,img,...) Photod Intensity [a.u.] Light intensity measured by photodiode
photodiode_alpha(txt,xls,img,...) PhotodHalpha Intensity [a.u.] Light intensity measured by photodiode with H-alpha filter
photodiode_mean (0.133 a.u.) PhotodMean Intensity [a.u.] Mean of light intensity measured by photodiode
photodiode_other (txt,xls,img,...) PhotodVrba Intensity [a.u.] Light intensity measured by photodiode
plasma (1 ) Plasma binary Breakdown was successful if True
plasma_current(txt,xls,img,...) Iplasma Current [A] Plasma current
plasma_current_decay (5.88e+06 A/s) plasma_current_decay Current [A/s] Maximal plasma current decay
plasma_current_mean (953 A) IplaMean Current [A] Mean of plasma current
plasma_end (0.0176 s) PlasmaEnd Time [s] Time of plasma lifespan end
plasma_life (0.0103 s) PlasmaTimeLength Time [s] Time of plasma lifespan
plasma_position:reliability (txt) residuum [-] Number corresponding to quality of fit
plasma_position_r (txt,xls,img,...) R_position Position R [m] Plasma position in horizontal direction
plasma_position_z (txt,xls,img,...) Z_position Position Z [m] Plasma position in vertical direction
plasma_radius (txt,xls,img,...) plasma_radius Radius [m] Plasma radius
plasma_start (0.00733 s) PlasmaStart Time [s] Time of plasma lifespan beginning
plasma_status (txt) PlasmaStatus str Status of machine
preionization (1 ) PreIonization binary Pre-Ionization
pressure (25.7 mPa) Aktual_PfeifferMerkaVakua Pressure [mPa] Working gas pressure before discharge
pressure_chamber (txt) aktual_pfeiffermerkavakuapotrubi Pressure [mPa] Pressure in pipes
pressure_initial (0.816 mPa) Initial_PfeifferMerkaVakua Pressure [mPa] Background gas pressure
pressure_request (24 mPa) pressure_setting_mPa Pressure [mPa] Requested gas pressure before discharge
reversed_bfield (txt) ReversedB bool True if B field was reversed
reversed_efield (txt) ReversedCD bool True if E field was reversed
rogowski_current(txt,xls,img,...) Irogowski Current [A] Current measured by Rogowski coil
rogowski_current_max (1.82e+03 A) IrogowskiMax Current [A] Maximum of current measured by Rogowski coil
safety_factor(txt,xls,img,...) Qedge Q [-] Safety factor
safety_factor_mean (12.1 -) QedgeMean Q [-] Mean of Q edge
session_length (5794 s) Aktual_Time Time [s] Time since session beginning
session_name (txt) SessionName str Name of session
session_name_date (txt) SessionNameDate str Name of session with date
shotno (27483 ) ShotNo Shot number Number of shot
spectrometr:data (txt) spectra.txt_Data_.txt None Spectral resolved radiation
spectrometr:energy_coefficients (txt) energy_constants a.u. constant to recalculation of the ion intensity to the power
spectrometr:impurities_concentration (txt,xls,img,...) density relative concentration Plasma impurities concentration
spectrometr:mean_radiation_power (txt) meanPower Power [W] Mean radiated power
spectrometr:mean_relative_density_c (txt) C a.u. Mean relative density C
spectrometr:mean_relative_density_h (txt) H a.u. Mean relative density H
spectrometr:mean_relative_density_he (txt) He a.u. Mean relative density He
spectrometr:mean_relative_density_m1 (txt) M1 a.u. Mean relative density M1
spectrometr:mean_relative_density_miv (txt) MIV a.u. Mean relative density MIV
spectrometr:mean_relative_density_n (txt) N a.u. Mean relative density N
spectrometr:mean_relative_density_o (txt) O a.u. Mean relative density O
spectrometr:mean_temperature (txt) temperature T [eV] Mean estimated temperature
spectrometr:projections (txt,xls,img,...) projection relative intensity [-] Ion radiation projection to spectra
spectrometr:projections_basis (txt) components relative intensity [-] Ion projection basis
spectrometr:resid_spectra (txt,xls,img,...) residual_spectra intensity [a.u.] Total residual spectra
spectrometr:temperature (txt,xls,img,...) temperature T_e [eV] Electron temperature
spectrometr:total_radiated_power (txt,xls,img,...) TotalPower Power [a.u.] Total radiated power in range 200-1200 nm
tags (txt) / Tags Tags
tb (0.005 s) Tb Time [s] Time delay of toroidal mag. field
tbd (0.005 s) Tbd Time [s] Time delay of breakdown magnetic field
tcd (0.005 s) Tcd Time [s] Time delay of current drive
temperature_mean (15.4 eV) ElectronTemperatureMean Temperature [eV] Electron temperature
time (txt) shot_time date Time of shot
toroidal_field(txt,xls,img,...) Btoroidal Magnetic flux density [T] Toroidal magnetic field
toroidal_field_max (0.433 T) BtMax Magnetic flux density [T] Maximum of toroidal magnetic field
toroidal_field_mean (0.256 T) BtMean Magnetic flux density [T] Mean of toroidal magnetic field
total_charge (4.03 C) TotalCharge Charge [C] Total charge
total_magnetic_flux(txt,xls,img,...) TotalMagneticFlux Flux [Vs] Total magnetic flux
transformator_saturation (0.513 -) TransformatorSaturation Relative saturation [-] Saturation of iron core divided by maximum
tst (0.005 s) Tst Time [s] Time delay of stabilization magnetic field
ub (1100 V) Ub_limit Voltage [V] Charging voltage of capacitors for toroidal magnetic field coils
ubd (txt) Ubd_limit Voltage [V] Charging voltage of capacitors for breakdown magnetic field coils
ucd (300 V) Ucd_limit Voltage [V] Charging voltage of capacitors for current drive transformer primary winding
ust (txt) Ust_limit Voltage [V] Charging voltage of capacitors for stabilization magnetic field coils
working_gas (txt) working_gas_type string Filling gas type
wwwcomment (txt) wwwcomment str Discharge pre-comment
zeff (3 -) Zeff Zeff [-] Estimation of Z effective (manually set)

DAS - channel setting [das_configuration.cfg] (more details)



nioctopus (txt,xls,img,...) nioctopus all channels
        mca (txt,xls,img,...) 0
        mcb (txt,xls,img,...) 1
        mcc (txt,xls,img,...) 2
        mcd (txt,xls,img,...) 3
        mce (txt,xls,img,...) 4
        mcf (txt,xls,img,...) 5
        mcg (txt,xls,img,...) 6
        mch (txt,xls,img,...) 7
        mci (txt,xls,img,...) 8
        mcj (txt,xls,img,...) 9
        mck (txt,xls,img,...) 10
        mcl (txt,xls,img,...) 11
        mcm (txt,xls,img,...) 12
        mco (txt,xls,img,...) 13
        mcp (txt,xls,img,...) 14
        mcq (txt,xls,img,...) 15
        drp2 (txt,xls,img,...) 16
        drp4 (txt,xls,img,...) 17
        drp6 (txt,xls,img,...) 18
        drp8 (txt,xls,img,...) 19
        drp10 (txt,xls,img,...) 20
        drp12 (txt,xls,img,...) 21
        drp14 (txt,xls,img,...) 22
        drp16 (txt,xls,img,...) 23

nistandard (txt,xls,img,...) nistandard all channels
        uloop (txt,xls,img,...) 0
        btor (txt,xls,img,...) 1
        irog (txt,xls,img,...) 2
        photo (txt,xls,img,...) 6
        haphoto (txt,xls,img,...) 7

papouch_st (txt,xls,img,...) papouch_st all channels
        mirnov_1 (txt,xls,img,...) 0
        mirnov_5 (txt,xls,img,...) 1
        mirnov_9 (txt,xls,img,...) 2
        mirnov_13 (txt,xls,img,...) 3
        mirnov_saddle (txt,xls,img,...) 4
        old_quadrupole (txt,xls,img,...) 5
        rp_10 (txt,xls,img,...) 6
        rp_8 (txt,xls,img,...) 7
        rp_6 (txt,xls,img,...) 8
        rp_4 (txt,xls,img,...) 9
        bpp (txt,xls,img,...) 10
        lp (txt,xls,img,...) 11




Vacuum log