Menu at GOMTRAIC 19

Monday and Thursday at the Baterka restaurant

Please select your choices for both lunches at the table. before Wednesday Feb, the 27th. A option is default.

  • Soup of the day
  • A. Fried wings with parsley potatoes and bluecheese sauce
  • B. Pasta salad with aubergine, zucchini, ham, paprika and tomatoes
  • C. Turkey soté with vegetables and coconut milk, rice
  • D. Pork with egg,cucumber, dumplings
  • E. Shrimps with Herb Cream, Spinach Baguette
  • F. Pork tenderloin with mushroom - cream ragout, potatoes

Tuesday at the La Casa Blu restaurant

Only one option available.

  • Aztec Soup (mexican with tomatoes and chicken)
  • Lunch Larded meat with rice ( beef meat with tomate and carrot sauce)

Wednesday at the Maitrea restaurant

Only one option available.

  • Soup: Cream of cauliflower with soy cream and rosemary (6)
  • Main course: Smoked tempeh with chickpeas in cream-pepper sauce with potatoes and light chinese cabbage salad (1,6)

(Allergens: 1. Grains containing gluten 6. Soy (including soya sauce) and products thereof )

Friday at the La Casa Blu restaurant

Only one option available.

  • Czech typical soup from Patatores Bramboracka
  • Lunch Pork loin Quesadillas with cheese and dry tomatoes