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Tokamak GOLEM experiment for MIPT students, winter 2020-2021

Introduction and motivation

In November 2020, the MIPT (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technologyú student Georgiy A. Sarancha reached out to his fellow students and offered them a training course at GOLEM. 11 students responded, 5 from the first year, 4 from the second year and 2 from the third year. Katerina Hromasova took up the challenge of organising this course and decided they would perform the basic laboratory experiment from the FJFI CVUT syllabus.

The students were provided with the lab manual and given an introductory lecture. These explained the mission of fusion, tokamaks and tokamak GOLEM, as well as the nature and aim of the experiment. The students formed 5 groups by 2-4 members and two dates were chosen for the experiment: 15 December 2020 and 25 January 2021.

Additional materials

Control rooms

Session archive

  • Session 15 December 2020: #34371-#34411
    • two oscilloscopes were measuring
    • oscilloscope “e” had problems with Rogowski coil signal cut-off, so students had to use the “b” oscilloscope instead
  • Session 25 January 2021: #35092-#35110
    • oscilloscopes hadn’t been brought online, so students processed the standard basic diagnostics signals


Students were given 2-3 weeks to process the experimental data and create a presentation. The presentation length was required as 5-20 minutes and only two experiment outputs were mandatory: time traces of the processed diagnostics data and the \(B_t-\tau_E\) scatterplot. This was because the course took place during the winter exam period and the students were expected to be busy. It was, however, encouraged to present in the normal IMRaD structure, which all of the groups did in the end.

On 17 February 2021, all the students received a certificate of participation.

Production issues

  • Communication (preferably via chat) * Skype name: tokamak.golem * Gmail: * Videoconference:

  • In case of any real-time troubles (tokamak is not a blackboard and chalk), plan “B” page (archive of previous remote sessions) for off-line usage


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