GOMTRAIC (GOleM TRAIning Course) 2019


Information on GOMTRAIC 2020 are here. This is GOMTRAIC 2019 archive.

GOMTRAIC - a REAL workshop on magnetically confined toroidal plasma

The Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering at the Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic, offers a five-days workshop on plasma experiments at the GOLEM tokamak. This workshop offers an interactive course on fundamental and advanced toroidal plasma physics which is suitable for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. The course covers important aspects of experimental work on tokamaks, i.e. tokamak operation, plasma control, diagnostics and processing of experimental data.

The workshop capacity is 15 students, but it can be increased based on demand.

Aim of the workshop:

  • To offer hands-on experience of tokamak operation and to teach its basic principles.
  • To become familiar with basic instrumentation related to tokamak operation and diagnostics.
  • To provide working experience with an integrated tokamak facility, including planning of experiments, plasma control, data acquisition and processing commonly used in today’s fusion plasma experiments, finalization and presentation of experimental results.

Scientific tasks

The GOLEM tokamak offers following fusion-relevant physics, diagnostics and technology tasks for the workshop:
  • (All students) Hands-on measurements of plasma parameters like loop voltage, plasma current, toroidal magnetic field, electron temperature. Basic info.
  • (3 students) Study of runaway electrons in GOLEM tokamak: This task aims to introduce NaI(Tl) scintillator to participants and measure runaways using the scintillator. Followed by data processing and analysis. Basic info, lead by Pravesh Dhyani.
  • (3 students) Plasma position control by vertical stabilization: The goal of the task is to measure plasma position by magnetic diagnostics, understand the measurement method and control plasma position by vertical stabilization coils. Basic info, lead by Jaroslav Cerovsky.
  • (3 students) Turbulence characterization with ion saturation current measured with Langmuir probes: The goal of the task is to analyze the distribution function of density fluctuations, i.e. describe the skew, kurtosis and exponential or power law tails and to relate the findings to theory. Basic info, lead by Katerina Jirakova.
  • (3 students) Mach number measurements using the tunnel probe, Basic Info and manual, lead by Jan Stockel.
  • (3 students) Density measurements by microwave interferometer. Basic info.

For the preparation of data processing, 1-2 weeks before the workshop, all the participants will communicate with their respective supervisors about the data analysis, software and the routines to be used during the workshop.

Monday: 4 March 2019

  • 8:15 Meeting at the hotel Henrietta reception. Joint departure to the GOLEM tokamak with Jaroslav.
  • 9:00 Meeting at the Faculty reception, see link
  • 9:05 Welcome address at the tokamak GOLEM
  • 9:15 Introduction and guide tour to the GOLEM tokamak - Vojtech Svoboda at the GOLEM tokamak .. “presentation”
  • 11:00 Operational regimes of the GOLEM tokamak - Jan Stockel at the Faculty Atrium .. presentation.
  • 12:30 lunch at Baterka (Bílkova 5, Praha 1), please choose your option in menu.
  • 14:00 Runaway electrons in tokamaks (their physics and recent results from GOLEM tokamak) - Pravesh Dhyani at the Faculty Atrium .. presentation.
  • 14:45 Tokamak edge plasma physics and Langmuir probes - Katerina Jirakova at the Faculty Atrium .. presentation.
  • 15:30 Plasma position measurements and its stabilization - Jaroslav Cerovsky at the Faculty Atrium .. presentation.
  • 16:15 Density measurements by microwave interferometer - Mykyta Varavin at the Faculty Atrium
  • 17:00 Discussion about the particular experiments in groups
  • 18:30 Welcome dinner at U Rudolfina (Křížovnická 60, Praha 1)

Tuesday: 5 March 2019

  • 9:00 Hands-on experience with tokamak operation and plasma control + data processing in GOLEM tokamak using Matlab and Python according to link using the intro control room
  • 11:00 The GOLEM tokamak data processing Data access in Python example
  • 12:30 lunch at La Casa Blu (Kozí 15, Praha 1), see menu
  • 14:00 Tasks based experiments and data analysis in groups.

Wednesday: 6 March 2019

  • 9:00 Tasks based experiments and data analysis … cont.
  • 12:30 lunch at Maitrea (Týnská ulička 6, Praha 1), see menu
  • 14:00 Tasks based experiments and data analysis … cont.
  • Evening - COMPASS visit

Thursday: 7 March 2019

  • 9:00 Tasks based experiments and data analysis and preparing reports and presentations … cont.
  • 12:30 lunch at Baterka (Bílkova 5, Praha 1), please choose your option in menu.
  • 14:00 Preparation of presentations and reports by participants
  • 18:30 Social dinner at U Rudolfina (Křížovnická 60, Praha 1)
  • 21:00 International songbook

Friday: 8 March 2019

 <li>Closing workshop</li>

Accommodation and meals

We will support each participant with:
  • five nights + six days accommodation including breakfast
  • five lunches (reasonable support ~ €8/lunch)
  • welcome dinner on Monday and social dinner on Thursday (reasonable financial support per person ~15 euro)

That leaves you with paying travel fees to Prague (but you can try to apply for the travel support at the Fusenet Student Funding Schemes if you are eligible), snacks and a few dinners (meet the Prague pubs).

Practical information

Useful materials

Basic information about the GOLEM tokamak

Control rooms

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